17 March 2013

Gift Fair Treats

Just thought I'd show you a few of the treats I got at the Gift Fair, well these are the things I bought home, still more to come on order!...

These cute little bowls (from General Eclectic) are actually dipping bowls but I got them to be my new desert/cereal bowls as I'm going to focus on controling my portions!


I thought theses little milk jugs were so pretty (obviously from the same place). I got these (and the bowls above) for wholesale plus 20% discount so I was super pleased. One for me (the yellow) and two for the gift cupboard.

And then these little candlestick holders (obviously I haven't bought any candles yet) but these are quite popular here in little old Hamilton (lots of our friends have them) so I thought I'd make the most of getting them at wholesale prices while I could.

ps. I even took the photos with my big camera!
pps. Finally a blog post!

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